Wedding Film: Nathan & Nikita // Wedding in Groningen, NL

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Often people ask us: ‘What’s your dream-wedding like? What kind of weddings do you enjoy most?’. From now on, we don’t have to tell them: we can show them. Because the wedding of Nathan & Nikita is one of our all-time favorites. They are such a wonderful, loving and fun couple, and it goes to show. Even the people around them – their friends and family – are such a loving group. I don’t think we’ve ever experienced a group that didn’t really know each other before a wedding, and became so tight-knitted so fast.

Nathan & Nikita have a wonderful story. They met while traveling in Asia and fell in love quick. But odds were against them: with Nathan being from the United States and Nikita from The Netherlands, they knew it might not work out between them. But true love can’t be stopped. After Nathan literally chased Nikita around the world, they made the decision to go for it and Nate moved to The Netherlands.

Nathan & Nikita chose a wonderful location in the far north of The Netherlands: an old farm that doubled as a campground (including beds of straw and igloo’s), where most guests stayed for the weekend to help out with setting up. There was such a relaxed atmosphere, with people just chilling for most of the day – making new friends along the way. The wedding also included beautiful traditions like a tea-ceremony for the parents and family in the morning (which we always really, really love).

We had about a million things to work with in the edit, so we struggled for a while. When everything that happens is so real and so heartfelt – it doesn’t make it easier to leave something out. But in the end, we’re so happy with how the film turned out!

Nate & Nikita: thanks again so much for including us in your wedding. We loved being a part of it and meeting your family & friends!



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