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A husband-and-wife videography team, based in Amsterdam.

We are The Dreamers: Yaël Ovadia en Hugo van Dijke. High school sweethearts who’ve been together for 11 years. We live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with our daughter Liorah (1). The both of us have a degree in Journalism, which gives us a great understanding of the importance of good and honest storytelling. When Yaël was asked to film the wedding of a family friend in 2012, she instantly knew that this was her future.

It didn’t take much convincing before Hugo was swayed as well – we’ve never experiences our films causing this much joy before, and we loved it. That’s why we try to be more than ‘just’ a wedding videographer. We try to be someone who you feel at ease with, who you can brainstorm about your wedding with. In short: someone who’s a positive addition to your wedding day. After all, we’re probably the faces you’ll be seeing most on your wedding day. That’s why we think it’s so important to have a great connection with our couples, and it’s the reason we always like to meet beforehand, in Amsterdam or via Skype.

The thing we love most about weddings is to meet all these wonderful people, to become part of a group of friends or family for the day, to be present during all of these intimate and emotional moments.. And to be allowed to capture it all. We also love the creative freedom our couples give us, and the ability to combine our love of weddings with another great love: traveling.

Because of our studies, we’ve developed a unique, artistic vision on creating and crafting wedding films. We don’t believe in traditional, generic wedding films. That’s why we use cinematic techniques to craft a story that will last a lifetime – the story of you. And because of that, we focus on shooting and delivering in the best quality possible, with the best cameras and gear money can buy. This way, even in 50 years, your wedding film will still look as amazing as it does today. We’ve been lucky enough to get to do what we love every day: carefully crafting beautiful cinematic stories full of emotion and detail. And we’d love to create one for you too!.

Yaël Ovadia

For Yaël, nothing is as important as family. She was born the middle child in a large family where having dinner together was one of the most important traditions. It was at that very dinner table her passion for listening and telling stories was born. Age 12, she knew that she wanted to study Journalism. Also, she had planned her entire wedding before even starting High School..

Yaël is a person beaming with love and passion. Passion for being a mom, and being a family. Love for her friends, for traveling and fine dining. She’s an amazing cook that sometimes prefers exploring  Amsterdam’s culinary scene over staying in. Yaël is very detail oriented – not a very technical person, but instead driven by the hunt for emotions. A real sentimentalist. She understands the importance of small, seemingly irrelevant gestures that make a person who he or she is, and does a great job capturing it. Yaël is who makes our films special.

Hugo van Dijke

Hugo is the creative one – that person who can only dream big, bigger, biggest. During his studies of Communication Science he realized this wasn’t for him, and switched to Journalism. Hugo is a perfectionist – sometimes to an insane degree. He once created 19 versions of a wedding film before he felt like it was perfect – driving Yaël insane in the process. But that’s who he is: the person that understands you will still be enjoying your film 50 years from now – which is why it’s so important it better be absolutely perfect. Hugo is a bit of a geek, with a strong interest in the technical part of our gear. Being impatient, you’ll often find Hugo planning our next trip.. While on a trip. He loves cinema and series, which he where he get’s most of his inspiration from.

We love travelling

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