Mentoring & coaching

We have been fortunate enough to turn our passion into a career. Over the years we’ve gathered a lot of information and became wiser through trial and error, lots of existential brainstorm sessions (featuring some light questions like ‘Why do we do what we do? What is important to us? What do we stand for?’) and lots and lots of practise. But we’ve always missed something in our jobs: the ability to share our knowledge.

That’s why we’ve started offering mentoring, coaching and consulting – both live or via Skype. Our goal is to help as many filmmaker, (wedding)videographers and business owners as we can to determine their goals, identify what’s holding them back and helping them grow into the person or company they aim to be.

Because every situation is different, we’ll set up an individual and personalised plan to help you as best we can – whether it’s to feedback your work, help your company become what you want it to be or to simply help you with some technical questions. Talking points can be whatever you request, so let us know where the problem lies or what you’re struggling with.

Costs are €125 (or $140) excluding VAT for one hour (live or via Skype).

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